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 Song Section

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PostSubject: Song Section   Song Section EmptyMon May 14, 2012 9:50 am

DATE DUE: 31 July 2012

Please provide audio samples of your singing. There will be a few rounds to decide where you will go.

  • The first round will be a 'settling in' or a 'practice' round, where you get used to your mic and the process, even if you are an experienced cover singer. You'll also be getting feedback from me, how you can improve, which places falters, ect. I'll be a little nice this time round, tee hee. You can choose any song for this.

    The second round will be the start of the official auditions. Send me your second song by email and which part your would like to go into (1000 words, FEP or Knite). This will be the deciding one; you can't switch parts, swap sections, bribe others or drop your part from now on. Though, if you really feel like you need a little more feedback or help, feel free to post in the specified folder or send me (if you don't want others listening) a 'draft' song so that the group and I can give you pointers on where to improve. You can use any song for this, but not the same one as before.

    The third round will sing the final song in the specified parts, FEP, Knite and 1000 Words. This round is shorter, but it will decide your final parts in the song. Like before, no switching, swapping, bribing or dropping.

    Finally, (this isn't a round) your final results will be given to me. If I send them back with comments, then please don't blow up on me. I would much prefer quality over timeliness. Don't leave this to the last minute either - if you're really bad and we have no more time left I might have to drop you. I might also be a little harsher than usual during this time, but please take on board advice from me and any one else who might be giving you feedback, then redo it and send it again.
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Song Section
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