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 Art Section

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PostSubject: Art Section   Art Section EmptySun May 13, 2012 9:58 am

The general plan is to take one work of yuumei's, and to divide it into a grid (or bars) where people will work in pairs (or individually, depending on numbers) to replicate their sections in their own style of coloring and/or lining.

If there are more people than can be on one artwork, we'll take another piece and separate you into Groups A and B.Currently, we haven't decided on any single artwork yet, so we'll leave that up to you guys Smile See the poll and album on the Facebook group to vote on images!

Regarding mediums, you can use both digital and traditional, or a mixture of both! You are allowed to trace the original artwork to preserve proportions, but you cannot copy the coloring exactly.

Questions can go in this thread Very Happy
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Art Section
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